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eloboosta.com is the greatest, they did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 2 - Plat 5
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Great players, good communication, will duo again"
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Really fast service, friendly boosters and definitely worth the money. I GOT A MASTER BORDER!!
  • Average Completion Time: 1 Division per day

  • Boosters ready to start

  • VPN + Encryption Protection

  • Choose your Roles and Champions

  • Choose Summoner Spells

  • Top Tier Master/Challenger Boosters

  • Chat Offline when Playing. None of your friends will see you online.

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Thousands of Completed Orders

  • 88% average win ratio

  • Normalize score to stay low key and avoid reports or algorithm detection from riot.

  • Streaming. We can stream your games via twitch on a schedule for you.

Common Questions

 What is this type of boost for?

Use an unranked/placement games boost if you have played no ranked games in the current season. Placement games are the first 8 ranked games of the season and are used to place you into a division/rank based off how many games you win out of your first 8 so we think they are pretty important! Your last season’s division will also factor into this equation.

 How many unranked games will you win?

We aim to win all of them, but sometimes even for the best boosters it is not possible! We ensure at least 5 of your 8 placement games are won, this means that for each loss below this number, we will provide 2 Extra Solo Net Wins to compensate! Easy

 How long will my boost take?

We try to finish your orders as quickly as possible, placement games can take between 1-3 days once started, most of the time they are completed in the same day of ordering. Our services may be affected by external factors such as Patches, Server downtime, and other unforeseen circumstances.

 How safe are your services?

We have strict rules to ensure your account is safe, such as VPN IP’s in your country, Flash on D or F and other secret measures to avoid Riot detection. Our boosters are also incentivized financially to complete your order with professionalism, as they all keep a deposit with us. Lastly, it’s impossible for them to take your account as email verification requires access to your email if they are to make any changes to your account details.

 Anything I should know after I place my order?

You should never Login or Play games after purchasing a boost to ensure the order is completed as fast as possible and to avoid disconnecting the booster. Logging in whilst another person is on your account increases the small risk of Riot detection and should be avoided at all costs. If you have any more questions see our F.A.Q. below or send us a message on live chat!

Got any more questions?

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